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Hello Popov. If you do not mind I publish this topic. I propose to write an arrow indicator on the advisor, which you do with the help of the BO Tester. You give me an adviser, I make from it a pointer indicator. I give you a trial version of the indicator, you check if you are satisfied with the indicator, make a payment and I give you a full version of the .mq4 indicator. My Skype: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In the screenshot, an example of an indicator that I did based on the advisor BO Tester

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Hello Alex,

Do I understand correctly that you try to sell your indicator to me?

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No, not you) I just suggest that people who use the BO Tester redo the light in the indicator. With your permission, of course

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Simply if who wants to make from the adviser the switch indicator that I can make it

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Hi Alex , I am  interested 
I am  not  sure  if personal  email  or Skype  is allow here . I would  have  give you .