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I have a Question. I have build a EA and go yesterday in LifeTrading.

For Closing is it use Day Closing 2 Indicator with 23:59 hour

But no Trades are closing till now.

The Trades opened yesterday in Real 18:14 hour

You can see Picture with Build EA

Is that Indicator bad? Or what is the Problem maybe?

Thank you, Marcus

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Re: Day Closing 2 - Indicator

You have a "closing logic condition" Envelopes indicator.

When you don't have "Closing logic conditions" the position closes at the "Closing point" indicator, which is "Day Closing 2" in this case.

When you have "Closing logic condition" indicators, the position will be closed at Day Closing 2 only when the   "Closing logic condition" is satisfied.

Please read these articles and watch the videos:
Closing Point of the Position
Closing Logic Conditions

Re: Day Closing 2 - Indicator

Ok, thank you, i will show and read it smile