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Topic: My first message and quick questions

Dear Popov,

Firstly let me say that I recently found your software and I think it's simply impressive! Before trying it I have a few important questions to ask. Here they are:

1. I read that your software uses tick Dukascopy data. That's one of the things I was looking for: good quality data. My question is about how is it calculates in your software when in backtesting. I want to optimize a tested strategy that is extremely sensitive to stochastic variation. As you will know, the value of the stochastic indicator is different at the first tick of a candle when compared at the close price of that same candle. Other backtesting softwares don't take that into consideration and only close candle prices are taken when implementing that backtesting. Does it distinguish between tick and candle data when backtesting?

2. According to your website info, the only difference between a free demo and a full license of your software is the availability of exporting a strategy to an EA format. Am I right? Are all software's functions available for the free demo with exactly the same accuracy level as if a full licensed copy was purchased?

Thank you very much in advance,


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Hello Landmeister,

1. This problem is not related to FSB Pro. The program has a strict policy regarding the indicator calculations and it is the most logically safe backtesting software we know.

2. Yes, all futures work best during the trial. You receive the complete MQL code of the experts.

Re: My first message and quick questions

Thank you for your very quick response. So please let me confirm these two points before downloading your amazing software.

1. Do you confirm that I will be able to specify the stochastic's value at opening candle and NOT at any other moment when backtesting?

2. Are all calculation algorithms exactly as eficient at backtesting when using the free version as if it were the licensed one?

Please accept my apoligises if I sound too harsh, but I have had previous bad experences with other softwares and I want to be sure I found a good one.

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A bit of reading that might help you understand how FSB works - http://forexsb.com/wiki/fsb/manual/use_ … _bar_value

1. Is it an intrabar strat you want to test? For my part, I don't really understand what you are trying to test, therefore I can't say whether you can accomplish it or not, what I'm trying to say is that more information and better description always helps!

2. Yeah, there isn't any difference in backtesting between trial and license version.

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Hi footon, thank you very much for your response. I read your link info and I think this software doesn't do what I want but I need to be completely sure so I will give some details of my strategy in order to explain what I'm looking for.

My strategy is based on several indicators. Those relevant for my interest at this software are a moving average and the stochastic. So my decision to open a trade is:

1. Price crossed the moving average the previous bar. That means that the open price was below the MA and the close price ended above it, for example. In this case, what is relevant is the open/close prices of the previous bar.

2. The stochastic is at my side AT THE OPENING of the current bar (not at the end of the previous one). That means that the stochastic's main line is above the signal one following the example of condition 1. Now those values at THE CURRENT OPENED BAR are needed.

If both conditions are met, a buy trade is opened. I read that this software takes into account that indicators can have different values at the beginning and at the end of a bar. This is why I'm looking for tick backtesting and not bar data. The values of the stochastic's main/signal lines at the fisrt tick of the current bar (bar 0 according to your recommended information) are required to take the decission of opening a trade or not.

Apparently this distinction cannot be made for what I read, but at the end of that page says that decissions can be modified, so not sure if I can do what I want or not. Could you please give me some hint?

Again, thank you very much in advance.

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Re: My first message and quick questions

1. This is easy, MA indi with "opens above after opening below" logic does the trick.

2. Firstly, FSB uses K and Slow lines of the Stoch indi. In MT the main and signal lines are used, which are FSB's Fast and Slow correspondingly, so this is issue nr 1 (easily overcome with custom indicator).
Secondly, FSB operates with bar data and last known indicator values, last known indicator value for Stoch indi is the one from the last closed bar, previous bar, therefore this is issue nr 2 for you.

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I forgot to mention that we make particular strategies with FSB only for learning how the indicators and the trading logic work. We understand that most of the traders want to implement their trading systems in FSB, but this is a waste of time.

When we need strategies for trading, we use the Generator. It is able to create strategies for any market and account.

This approach requires a new way of thinking and is very expensive to convince the traders for that. If you have experience with creating experts with MT or other platform and search for similar products, probably FSB is not for you.

It will be better to hire a freelancer to code your expert in MQL. Not that you will be happy with the result, but you will have fun trying it and proving your theory.

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Footon, you are completely right.

I would add only that this specific request can be easily accomplished with a small modification of some of our indicators. However, this lowers FSB to the MT level, where we need to code things in order to test.

I used a combination of two indicators to detect that the previous bar body crosses a MA but it may fail if there is a big gap before the previous bar. Probably we can use three indicators to detect that, but it goes far a way of the efficiency we want.

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Dear Popov and Footon,

Once again, thank you very much to both for your quick and honest responses. I guess Popov is right about my hopes related to my specific strategy. Surely your software is not what I'm looking for. Nonetheless, I see it can be a very good source of fresh ideas for new strategies so that I will give it a try and will search for future lines of action.

I'm very impressed by the response given to me considering I'm a new and no paying "user". That's an excellent way to catch my attention. Good job! smile

I will be participating at this forum soon.