Topic: Importing EA back into EA Studio

EA Studio is amazing -- thanks for creating such a great tool...

I've been using it for a few weeks to generate strategies.  One problem I've run into (or maybe I'm missing something) is the ability to import an EA back into EA Studio in order to review stats and slots.  I'm comfortable with the source code so I can see which indicators are being used and their input values from browsing the mq4 code, but I'd really like to be able to see the stats again.

I understand how to download and upload a collection, but how does one import an EA back into EA Studio?


Re: Importing EA back into EA Studio

It is easy:

Re: Importing EA back into EA Studio

Excellent!  Thanks for your quick response.  That drop-down menu was the one place I neglected to look. 

Now that I have a couple dozen EAs that have been running in a Demo account I can go back and review the stats in an attempt to better understand why some EAs do better than others when forward testing.  I'm curious whether some stats are better than others when it comes to anticipating how an EA will behave in a live account.