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Hi, Late last year, I began to look for the possibilities to trade with an EA. I trade not as a pro, but at least I trade since several years with small capital. Now the main problem for me with manual trading is that it is time consuming. Manually trading is a difficult matter, among other tasks. Sometimes had outstanding trades but also big losses. So I started looking for EA's and I crashed with them into an unknown world of losing trading systems which where created by people who I call openly thieves. The last one was selling his software online and when too much customers had complaints the seller disappeared. I understood after this that it's happening all the time in this business. So I decided to try to build an EA myself and I was clearly unsuccessful. Finally I found FSB. You'll understand that I was skeptical in the beginning. After the free trial and then a monthly subscription, I've managed to build 2 ea's that gave me good results on demo and it gave same results on live. Exploring the potential of FSB Pro, I can only say it's an amazing program. I have a number of ideas that I will try in the future with caution of course. So I say one thing, Popov bravo and thanks to everyone here because I learn through this forum every day.