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Topic: Generator Recalculate

I have generated quite a few strategies with the new Generator.... I used a couple criteria or filters.

What I would like to do is try to upgrade my results. ie reprocess the ones I have already and try to improve them.

Any ideas as to how I might do that.?  Can I use the Reactor for that purpose?

I think we have to see what we can discuss in order that we get to use these features to the max..... whatever we come up with will help many other people.

I wonder if I export the collection from the generator and import to the reactor. will that give me what I am looking for?

OR  can I just change from Generator to Reactor without Downloading and Uploading?

Re: Generator Recalculate

That was the exact reason to separate the Reactor from the Generator. The Reactor will be improved further to allow the two methods of acquisitions: Generator and Collection.

I think to make it possible to select between Generator and Collection.
The Reactor Collection tool will have a button for loading a collection from a file. Than it will proceed the strategies one by one.