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Hello Traders,

I'm starting to post a weekly overview videos of our work. I'll discuss the most interesting questions from the forum and the emails we received in our email, news and updates regarding the project development, tips and tricks.

This is the Weekly Overview from February 4th 2017.

Topics covered:

Weekly Overview February 4, 2017

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

•    Development progress 2017:
  o … s-at-2017/

•    Cannot export an Expert Advisor
  o    Custom indicators without MT support
  o    Check all error messages in the Output Log

•    New user experience with FSB Pro - Topic in the forum by Jetaro
  o … -the-demo/
    -    Re-evaluating OOS tests
    -    Importing EAs back in FSB Pro

•    Unrealistic backtest results
  o … -with-mt4/

•    Developing Custom indicators for FSB Pro
  o    Support in the forum.
  o    GitHub repos:
    -    EA Code:
    -    Indicators SDK:

•    Trading tutorial in Udemy by Petko Aleksandrov
  o … er-robots/

Expert Advisor Studio

•    Talk with Rimantas and Justin from Autotrading Academy:

  o    Moving Average Crossover
  o    Optimizer + Monte Carlo in Generator
  o    Monte Carlo (Parameter permutation with delta steps)
  o    Ranking criteria for Monte Carlo
  o    Indicator checklist in the generator
  o    Keep the same magic number (and file name) for imported experts - not implemented
  o    Generator sends an email when finishes. - not implemented

•    Automated Workflow – the big thing for the week
  o    Automated Workflow:

  o    Testing a strategy against several markets. How many markets??
    -    Forum discussion: … ti-charts/

Binary Options Tester
•    Added Automated Workflow

Administrative Questions

•    License not received
  o    Inaccessible PayPal email
  o    Undelivered or Spam / Junk email
•    Change license name and email
•    Invoicing
  o    Require an invoice before the end of the current month
  o    Company name, Address, VAT or Company number required

Plans for next Week

•    Expert Advisor Studio
  -    List / delete the uploaded custom data
  -    Working on the documentation
  -    Starting a vide user guide for EA Studio
  -    Fixing minor issues

Re: Weekly Overview 2017

great video although I feel a little embarrassed smile