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I read the post about how to export a strategy from the 'strategy >> publish' menu, where the .xml is 'exported' as friendly bb code. However, I can't see a way to reverse this process, a way to paste bb code into Strategy Builder and then save as a .xml?

Is there a simple way of importing a user strategy to try it?


Re: Importing a Strategy

There is no such a parser for now.
The easiest way is to set the strategy directly in the program.
It takes a minute following these steps:

- set the market Symbol and period
- for the Spread and Swap you can use your broker's values
- set the behaviour of the Same / Opposite signals (the two drop down menus above the strategy slots)
- arrange the strategy slots

You are ready to change some of the parameters to see how they affect the strategy results.
You can try optimise  the strategy using the optimizer. To do that select 3-4 parameters into the optimizer window and press the "Optimize" button.
For full optimization do this several times (the algorithm of the optimizer uses random ways for calculation).

Re: Importing a Strategy

I apologize, but I asked the same question in a different post - didnt see this one.
Popov, I see you use the term "parse" - I think it will be a mistake to try and parse the friendly output back to the XML - instead, the Publish function should be able to publish the XML in addition to the friendly post.

The ultimate way, would be so that each post is viewed as a friendly text, and has an XML attachment, but if this is not possible, than the friendly text should be simply followed by the XML code, like:

all the nice XML codes are here, in a small font

Re: Importing a Strategy

This is a very good idea.
Thank you.
Only one - the entire strategy has to be posted.