Topic: EA Studio and BO Tester updated

Hello Traders,

We uploaded new versions of EA Studio and BO Tester. There are many improvements and fixes to potential problems.
This time all changes are under the hood and are not visible.

The major fixes are:
- all user passwords are encoded with sha256 algorithm on the server. We store only a sha256 hash string in the user data base. It makes impossible to decode the hash and to receive a user password.
- improved the password recovery and password change behavior of the apps. There are more informative success and error messages.
- fixed the way the apps detect in what website are integrated. It makes the integration in partners websites more durable to eventual change of the HTTP standard. (we aim the apps to be able to work years ahead without special maintenance).
- when user log-outs, the app restores the historical data to the default provided by the corresponding partner.
- the apps re-validate the user accounts on reload in case of switched on "Remember me" option.
- the load of the user's custom historical data is more error proof on reload and "Remember me".

Side effects:
- If your app is started before the update, you may need to reload it.
- The common settings of the app may be reset. Please check the Data Horizon and the virtual account settings after the reload.
- Some passwords with language specific symbols may become invalid. Please use the "Forgot password..." link to rest it.

We do our best to provide flawless experience to you with EA Studio and BO Tester. Please share your opinion and report all bugs and issues you notice.

Trade Safe!