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Hi everyone,
I am not an expert in metquotes and i appreciate your help
How can i make one of my ea not to push notification to my mobile (like making it mute) while the other Eas still send notifications for the same account?
Thank you all

Re: Push notification

You have probably use the "SendNotification" function in your expert:

You can search you EA fro that function and comment it out.

Re: Push notification

dear Popov,
thx for your reply
do you mean that i should erase all the below? or only from "int ticket ......magic_number);"

void OpenPosition(int command)
      double price=MarketInfo(_Symbol,command==OP_BUY ? MODE_ASK : MODE_BID);
      int ticket=OrderSend(_Symbol,command,Entry_Amount,price,10,0,0,orderComment,Magic_Number);

Re: Push notification

This code is OK.

We don't have code in our experts that sends notification. You have to add such code manually as far as I know. If you have enabled general notifications for all transactions and you don't use the "SendNotification", I don't know how you can stop them for a single expert.

Probably you can tray to ask in or in and to pray to receive a meaningful answer.