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dear Popov,
I made some BO strategies and loaded it on MT4, but didn't work
I don't know how to provide you with the settings of NoaFx for BO trading so we can fix the parameters.
Please help
Thank you

Re: Binary option on NoaFx account

just figure it out by my-self:
Investment: currency
expiry: seconds (ex: 60 for 1minute)
\but i have a question, for statistics purpose and reviews, how we can now which expert did good? i mean if i want to have a detailed report for the experts transactions, the magic number doesn't seems to be found anywhere!, and we cannot change the comment section because it is related to configurations!
help please!

Re: Binary option on NoaFx account

Good job for the correct settings.

The binary options experts performance in MT is not a subject of our application. Probably there is no a simple solution because MT is not designed to trade with BO initially.

I know that Rimantas from Autotrading Academy is currently working on a tool that will provide such analytics, but I'm not aware of the state of the project.

Probably it is easier to re-test your BO collection with BO Tester. Load your collection when you have new data and use the "Recalculate" button to recalculate the complete collection.

If you want to see the performance of an individual strategy, just load the exported EA back to BO Tester and see the new stats.

Re: Binary option on NoaFx account

Thx popov
Best wishes

Re: Binary option on NoaFx account

can the expert stain a mark PERMANENT mark on the chart when it start and close a trade?
can we do that?how?
thank you