Topic: Recalculate a Complete Collection

Dear traders,

Now you can recalculate the complete collection with one click.

The new tool is very useful when you load an old collection and want to see how it behaves on the new data.

When you click the "Recalculate" button, EA Studio makes a copy of all strategy records and then empties the collection. The app passes through all copied strategies, loads the corresponding data file and performs a backtest. If the strategy passes the acceptance criteria, EA Studio adds it to the Collection.

If a strategy doesn't pass the acceptance criteria, it is not added back to the Collection and you loose it.
If you stop the recalculation preliminary, you loose the rest of the strategies.

If something of the above happens, the only way to recover the lost strategies is to reload the from a collection or an EA file.

Trade Safe!

Re: Recalculate a Complete Collection

It becomes better and better..

do or do not there is no try