Topic: Search Best?


I just wondering what settings you people use in the "Search Best" option? As standard it is
Net balance. but maybe its better to use one of the other? And how long are you searching before you adjust the settings? I leave the search for some days, but it's not often it finds anything better after a day.

Does anyone here have som good settings/roles for the  "Acceptance Criteria". I am searching for strategies on the 4H TF.

Thanks for any advice!

Re: Search Best?

I use in 'Acceptance Criteria' Maximum equity drawdown, minimum count of trades, minimum win/loss, minimum system quality, and maximum consecutive losses.

Like you, I use 4 hr.

I like the maximum equity drawdown to be set at 20.

On the collections screen, I sort by System Quality number.

The settings that I use produce very few results..... and I like that as I do not have to do a lot of work with them to get them past Monte Carlo and other tests.

I usually get one result after 10,000 iterations of the generator...

One further point.... I have the OOS set at 40 percent (to help reduce curve fitting)

I have no idea what others use, I will be glad to know what others have discovered.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....