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Topic: Best multi-core CPU for the generator?

I'm getting a new PC. Does anyone have direct experience with 6-core CPU (Intel i7-6800k) compared to quad-core CPUs (i5, i7, etc.)? Does FSB utilize the 2 extra cores? Any recommendations on what is the best CPU for FSB?

Re: Best multi-core CPU for the generator?

You can set the Generator to use more threads, but there is no a huge increase of the performance form that. The problem is that every parallel computation comes with an overhead. You have to test the program on your machine with different settings, but most probably you will find that the best performance is when you use 3-5 threads.

You may find the Generator faster if you run several copies of FSB Pro and use 2 cores for each copy.

There is also a positive correlation between the processor speed and the Generator performance. The more GHz the better.

Please see the attached image of FSB Pro working on 16 threads. It loads all cores but the Generator is not faster.

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Re: Best multi-core CPU for the generator?

I have an older 4 core machine...... I notice that 2 cores is almost as fast as 4 when generating.

I usually have it at 2 or 3 so that I can do other stuff on the computer.

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