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Topic: Closing on H4

Mr. Popov,

I would like to close on H4 with Bar Closing and Candle Direktion. Have, besides, however, the Proplem with 20 o'clock Candle at a market closing at 22 o'clock.
How do I manage Bar Closing till 20 o'clock and how 22 o'clock?

Can I use Bar Closing+Candle Direktion ("up") as a logical group "A" in combination with Exit Time(21:59) + Candle Direktion ("up") as a logical group "B"? Or which variations make sense?

I would be pleased very much if the problem could be solved.

The best would be, I could close 21:59:55.

Best regards

Re: Closing on H4

One question I have is. what time frame are you using....? The answer could be perhaps found there.

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Re: Closing on H4

The time frame is H4.
The trading hours 8:00 - 22:00

Day Closing does not give any value here.

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Re: Closing on H4

I am not sure of this idea
Could you use 60 minute bars for your strategy and then make the indicators use higher TF except for the closing time.....

That is just a suggestion, I have no experience trying that.


My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Closing on H4

OK. I'll test on Demo: on H1 Bar Closing + any condition (TF H4) + Exit Time (22:00) Bar Advance 15. Let's see what happens.

Re: Closing on H4

Solution suggestion:
H4 strategies can close very precisely 21:59:50 with Day Closing by means of a second EA and the same ID (Magic Number) because Day Closing.mph contains a formula that can be changed. 23 * 3600 + 59 * 60. This is 23:59. An adaptation can be made individually in the EA via Metaeditor (search term: "23 *").
23 * 3600 + 59 * 60 remove, enter 1 * 79190 ≙ 21:59:50 hrs. Compile. Done.
Candle Color, Candle Direction, Previous Bar Opening, Previous Bar Closing and Bar Closing require additional Bar Advance 7215.
Channel indicators, Crossover situations etc. probably come with the default 15 sec.

79185 = 21: 59: 45
79195 = 21: 59: 55, etc.

More detailed tests regarding your selection of indicators, of course, I consider useful.

Re: Closing on H4

tho.schu wrote:

and Bar Closing

Does not belong here. I was probably already a little tired.