Topic: Backtesting / Optimizing

EA Studio produces much smaller EA's code than desktop version for that reason every tick backtesting is 1001921209 times faster than opening prices.

Guys from support:

Can we use opening prices for backtesting your strategies on MT4?

can we use use opening prices to optimize your strategies on MT4?


Re: Backtesting / Optimizing

I use FSBPro for backtesting and optimizing, reason being is that it is so much more accurate and so much faster than doing the same on MT4.

Besides, the output on FSBPro, the statistics and measurements, are so much superior to whatever MT4 produces.

FSBPro provides the ability to make minute changes in the variables with instant results with the results of the changes being instantly reflected in the statistics. where as MT4 is providing little after your test.

I suggest, that, if you have the time, explore using the FSBPro tools and manipulate the indicators and data periods to improve your  strategies before exporting the ea.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....