Topic: 100,000 bar backtesting period - possible mod?

Is it possible to modify FSB to increase the backtesting period maximum to 100,000 bars?

Re: 100,000 bar backtesting period - possible mod?

Yes, it is.

Please be aware that increasing the default limitations may make the program slower or unstable. 

Please do the following:
1. Stop FSB Pro
2. Go to the FSB Pro system folder: C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\System
You will see various settings file there. You have to find the setting file of the data source you have to modify. The data source files are wile that:   DataSource_BROKER NAME.json
3. Open the file in a text editor like notepad or other but NotePad++ is the best for the job:
4. You will find the bar count limitations at the end of the file:

5. Change the MaximumBarsLimit, MaxIntrabarBarsLimit as you want. For example

  "MaximumBarsLimit": 1000000,
  "MaxIntrabarBarsLimit": 1000000

6. Save and close the config file. Run FSB Pro.
7. Go Data Horizon and increase the limitations for the particular Data Source.

Re: 100,000 bar backtesting period - possible mod?

Thanks Miroslav, I tried to find the variable myself in the configuration files, but I didn't think to look in the data source files!