Topic: Alerts in the EAs?


Since i have started testing my EAs in a real account, i wish to have a quick view on each trade after the EAs open them, so i can be sure all works as good as on the demo. So can i set up alert, that will notify me imidiatelly?

I saw its possible on the BO Signals EA, but is it possible for FSB created EAs?

Thanks indeed

Re: Alerts in the EAs?

Such option is not available in the standard indicator code.

If you want, you can implement it relatively easy.

The function MT uses to show a popup info is called "Alert(...)". It takes a "text" argument.

You can add it at the beginning of the  ManageOrderSend function.

This is over-simplified example. You may format and expand the information.

Re: Alerts in the EAs?

Thank you very much. I will try it.