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Hello Popov, or anyone else that could help,

I'm setting up Profile/Data Source/Symbols in FSB Pro for a new Broker, and am trying to import the MT4 symbol properties into FSB Pro the fast way, using the FSB-MT4 Bridge EA.

I used it a while ago when I was first learning about FSB (I have been involuntarily side-tracked since then) when setting up a Profile for another broker, so it was installed onto their version of MT4 and worked fine as far as I can recall.

But now that I am trying to use it on another broker's version on MT4, by copying the EA from one data folder to the other, it won't load onto the chart, it says in the top left corner :

Cannot load "FSB-MT4 Bridge.dll" .
Please find more information about the error in the support forum.

Do I need to properly install the EA instead of copying it out of the other brokers data folder? Where can I get hold of a fresh copy?


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The original bridge files are at: C:\Program Files\Forex Strategy Builder Pro\User Files\MT4 Files folder.

You can see this instruction for installing the bridge manually: … stallation

You can also consider transferring settings and data from MT to FSB Pro by using scripts: … etatrader/

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Thank you, Popov.

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Hello Popov,

I'm having the same problem again. I have tried the installer on the MT4s on my VPS, the script, installing the bridge files manually, but I still can't load it on to the chart.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

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Is there some information I can give to help you help me?

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If you manually copy the expert and library file directly to respective folders, it still doesn't work?

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Hello Footon,

I just ran through the instructions as per here again; … stallation

and still no luck.

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Would it make a difference that I am copying the files from my local machine to MT4 on a VPS?

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FSB-MT4 Bridge works on my local machine, but not on the VPS.

This, I believe, is because the MT4 terminal on my local machine is listed in the 'Expert Advisors Export Path' section of the 'Expert Advisor' tab under 'Trader' in the FSB control panel.

I imagine that this will be sufficient for the purpose of importing the relevant account and symbol settings into FSB, and that a strategy created using this data would work just as well on the VPS as on my local machine. Am I correct on this?

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Well, yes, you are correct if those settings come from the same account.

Regarding VPS, you run both programs as Administrator? And VPS has Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) installed?

Is log in MT telling something?

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Not sure about Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package, I ran a search on the VPS for this, and nothing showed up. How could I check?

I wonder if it's worth worrying about if I have the same account on both my local PC and the VPS, I can do the development locally, and copy EA's to VPS for testing.

The MT4 log just shows several instances of the following:
2    10:48:12.076    Expert FSB-MT4 Bridge GBPUSD,M5: loaded successfully
2    10:48:21.907    Expert FSB-MT4 Bridge GBPUSD,M5: removed

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Hmm, something wrong if it gets removed.

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I have same problem unfortunately
any recommendation?