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Topic: Saving MT4 Startup settings

Hello traders,

Probably a bit off-topic, and I know there are many other places on the web I could ask this, but I would trust the advice from here a bit more, I think...

Every time I launch MT4, all my settings are back to default.

I have 'hidden' all the symbols I don't want to work with, set up charts and timeframes etc, put EA's onto charts, but if I shut down MT4 and launch it again, it all reverts back to default, unwanted symbols have returned etc. Very annoying.

I would like it to be just as I left it when I relaunch it, any ideas how to do this? And yes, I have selected "Keep personal settings and data at startup" in the Server tab in Options under Tools!

I found this, which looks like it could help, but not sure if I can copy the code straight off the page here, or where to paste it... http://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-p … help/setup

Can anyone help?


Re: Saving MT4 Startup settings

It must not be like that. Do you see any errors when you start MT? Are there any signs in the Journal?
It must be due to a crash at loading or at closing.

You may try without experts.

It is also possible to not have write access to the path it is installed or for the windows user. You may try running it as an admin.

What is the path of the Data Folder? Is it like that:


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Re: Saving MT4 Startup settings

Thanks for replying so quickly Popov.

Data path folder is like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Broker Name MT4

It is like that because it is in Portable mode, as per some tutorials I followed to set MT4 to run automatically on a VPS.

I should mention that this is the MT4 on my local machine, not the VPS. I am going through all the FSB tutorials using MT4 on my local machine, with a view to uploading successful EA's to the VPS later.

Re: Saving MT4 Startup settings

The programs cannot write to the Program files folder. This is a possible reason.

Try some of these solutions: http://www.radiodj.ro/community/index.php?topic=2445.0