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Hello. I have a problem with the optimizer on one of the machines. It shows that it has calculated hundreds of new strategies but nothing is changing on the parameters themselves. What can be the reason for that?

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Sometimes it happens for me too. Old good restart helps! smile other times I forget to uncheck "Strategy fulfils Acceptance Criteria" what is left from system generation.

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The optimizer will calculate all possible strategies within the provided limits but it may not find a "better" strategy. The Optimizer changes the parameters only when finds a strategy with "best" target parameter.

As Irmantas says, if the Acceptance Criteria are too strict, the Optimizer may not be able to find results. You may decide to switch the Acceptance Criteria off or to reduce the requirements.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions.

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Hello Popov,

My issue with the optimiser on one of the machenes continues.

I tried optimising 2 same strategies with same Optimization Parameters and on the one it keeps optimizing with no problem, but on the other it dosnt find and new parameters?

Did you meet this problem before or it comes from my machine?

If i reinstall FSB would it make any difference?

Thank you indeed

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If you can attach your expert, we can test how the Optimizer works with it.

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Sometimes we set the requirements too tight for the optimizer to produce results...

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first I thought optimizer does not work.

But it does work you need to setup on Settings Tab
what it should search for the best
- net balance
- system number

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I sort by System Quality number and I watch carefully the number of losers and profit ratio.......

I have no idea what would be the best setup, I am just sharing what I use

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There is a bug with Optimizer that happens occasionally. It sometimes sets parameters outside of the limits. Sometime even it sets negative values to some indicators. This causes a crash.
Unfortunately the bug is very rare. I noticed several times, but I'm not able to reproduce it in my DEBUG environment.
I'll fix it as soon as I find the reason.

If it happens to you, please send me the strategy. Blaserboy first noticed and reported that bug a month ago.

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