Topic: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?

Hello all

i had a pretty ugly accident with my laptop and it seems that all of my data will be not recovered.

All the EAs i have done are running on a VPS, but there are only the mq4 files

i will be very happy if i can convert them back to xml files so i can keep working on them

thanks indeed to all

Re: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?

There is no automatic mechanism for re-importing exported expert advisors back in FSB Pro. However, your expert contains all the necessary information for recreating the source strategy.

Let's use the following strategy for example:

There are two places from where we gather information for recovering the strategy:

1. The expert advisor input panel. It contains all numeric values of the Strategy Properties and the indicators.

For example we see here that we have "Amount to add in addition: 0.01 lot", but we don't see what is the adding type (add, winner, nothing ...)

2. The expert advisor source code.

When you open the Expert Advisor code in the MT4 editor, you can search the phrase "new Strategy". It will bring you to the place in the EA where is the actual code for creating the strategy representation. It contains all details for the strategy except the numeric values. The numeric values are replaced with variables in order to be possible to reveal them in the Input panel.

The above screenshot shows new Strategy (1, 1) -  it means the strategy has 1 opening logic condition and 1 closing logic condition.

The red arrows shows the type of same and opposite direction signals - Add and Nothing in that case.

Martingale, SL, TP, BE are enabled when the values of the expert input are not 0. This allows the traders to switch on and off these protections by only changing the numbers in the Input. When a number is 0, the option is off. You may use the information to recreate the strategy.

The code for creating indicators is below.

The green rectangle contains the info for the indicator name and the Advanced Indicator Properties. The code correspond to the indicator options. I market the numeric values of the indicators with green arrows. You see that we have variables instead of values. We take the actual values from the Input panel.


Try to recreate your strategies. If you have problems with some of the parameters, please post the EA and we will help you.


I'm planning to add a possibility to re-import the experts back in FSB Pro. It will works as in EA Studio.

Trade Safe!

Re: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?


Thank you very much for the detailed answer! I saw that from the input panel i can take all the indicators and their values but didnt know that the opening conditions, time of methods and all the details i can find in the code. That will save me a lot of time

I will bring my notebook to the warranty service and if all is lost then i need to recreat them. Anyway it is my mistake that i didnt put it all on external device.

Thanks again Mr.Popov for the kind answer!
Have a nice weekend


Re: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?

I have had a similar question re old strategies..... this is very helpful!

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?

Mr Popov, i have recovered all my strategies, thank you very much for the detailed explenations once again.

I have still the issue with the missing Moving Average Indicator:
I can not find the problem, have re-instaled the program but still can not export EAs with the Moving Average indicator. Do you have a possible reason in mind?

Thank you indeed

Re: how can i recover my mq4 EAs?

Can you attached the strategy to a post or a PM?

I'll check it.