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I normally used chrome for everything but I'd had some issues in the past with chrome quitting generation randomly etc. (could be that tab suspend stuff we talked about in another thread) I've discovered that the Edge explorer with windows 10 is pretty solid in that regard.  I never use Edge for browsing so it works pretty well minimized with a few tabs generating at the same time. 

Haven't tried the whole matrix of firefox, ie 11 etc. so there might be something better or with better performance but if anyone is having issues with chrome that might help.

Re: Microsoft Edge Explorer for generation

I'm using the Chrome browser for developing and testing all day round. Their V8 JavaScript Engine is one of the best and pretty fast.

The Microsoft's Edge "Chakra" engine is the new kind in the block. The put great efforts on it. It is open source with a open JS API and Microsoft tries to attract new developers to integrate it in their products. Chakra is very near to the V8 speed.

The Apple's Safary "Nitro" engine is amazingly fast on MacBook Pro. Probably it is the fastest I have tested for EA Studio. It is able to calculate over 4000 strategies against 20 000 bars for a minute. It also works flawlessly.

Firefox on Linux is a little oldish, but it also works fine.

Probably the worst browser for Expert Advisor Studio is Internet Explorer. The app works only on the newest versions. On the other hand, IE is the most popular browser for downloading a real browser from the net.

Re: Microsoft Edge Explorer for generation

Quite interesting subject. There's a Safari for Windows available, the last version being Safari 5.1.7 (from '11 if I'm not mistaken). It features the Nitro engine, I wonder how much it has been developed further, how well does it stack up against current Chrome, Edge and FF.