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I have Data files in *.csv which I would like to use for a test in EA-Studio, but EA-Studio seems to only import *.json format.
How can I convert a set of files from csv to json to be able to import it, or is there a possibility to use csv?

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Hello Hans,

The ".json" data files contain the history data series as well as all account and market environment parameters.

Here is an example of a data file:

   "terminal":"MetaTrader 4",
   "company":"MetaQuotes Software Corp.",

We don't have these data in the CSV files. Exporting .json files with the provided scripts is the easiest and safest way to set proper testing environment.

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Thank you for the explanation, I understand

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bru1 wrote:

How can I convert a set of files from csv to json to be able to import it, or is there a possibility to use csv?

You can import those csv files to metatrader, just go to "Tools" -> "History Center", click on pairs, double click on your preferred Timeframe, click "Import" then browse the CSV file and hit "OK" button.

Then just open the chart and run the script.

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Thank you

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Hi! If you know little programming then it's not hard to convert csv files to json with some scripts like php or python.  I'm not an expert but found this one really good and easy to use … g-php.html else you can try some free online tools to convert it.

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Thank you for your suggestion

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I have tried to import the current csv files that i have into Meta trader, but it dosnt accept it.
I want to export it after that as json files to test in EA studio as Popov says that this is the proper way

What could be the reason that i can not import the csv into MT4. They were exported from there anyway, i am just adding new data every month so i can collect more bars.

Thank you indeed.

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Do MT shows any errors or warning when you try to import the data?

Please check the Journal and also the MT logs. You may find something useful for understanding the reason for the rejection.

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No Nothing there... when i select the open button- nothing appears, its like not loading the file...

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I read that it takes couple of minutes if the file is long, but stil even longer it is not uploading