Topic: Copy user files folder between computers?

I've managed to tweak one of my fsb installs in such a way that it stopped generating new strategies (tried resetting the acceptance criteria, reimporting data etc but it's still not happy.)  Anyway I've got another copy that's running fine and should be setup the way I want it so I was pondering trying to utilize that install's config/data on the non working version. 

Is it possible to just copy/replace the user files folder of a working install over the confused version or will that also nuke my license key in the process or cause other bad issues?  I'd been pondering doing it anyway so that my systems were consistent but wasn't sure of the side effects.

For that matter is there a way with a file sharing system like dropbox to just sync the files between systems so I don't have to maintain separate copies of my broker data etc between them or do you think I'd get into lock collisions or temp file issues?

Re: Copy user files folder between computers?

You don't need to override all files.
Archive the folder for any case.

Delete or replace the following files from System:
Profile_Default profile.json  (or other Profile_xxx.json)
DataSource_FSB Demo data.json (or other DataSource_xxx.json)