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These videos are awesome! I'm following these videos to create my robots team. I have a doubt: My stop loss is 1559, what means you never lose more than 15.59 with a lot of 1000 right? Why in "account statistics" statistics show an average loss of 19.50?

I imagine that my average loss can never be greater than 15.59

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Stop Loss is activated when the market moves with that number of points against your position. That means at SL activation you loose also the spread.

You profit can be additionally reduced with swaps and commissions. Also depending on the symbol, the profit is converted to your account currency with an exchange rate.

For more details trace some positions at the Journal. It shows all details.

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Sorry for sending so many questions , I know you are very busy .
But if you can, please help me understand . Why are these data are showing -31.74 average loss?

I lost only once -15,87.

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The Average Loss is not shown on your screenshot. Can you post a screenshot with the Average Loss visible?
Can you also attach your strategy?

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Using FSB Data with period between 2014-07-17 AND 2016-07-27 shows average loss -19,5
Using period 2016-02-01 AND 2016-02-20 shows average loss -31,74.

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It seems that the upload is not working. I created a link with the strategy if needed.