Topic: Export data from MT5

I want to create EA (MT5) for russian futures markets (FORTS) but a can't find the way to download price data to FSB
Now i use EA studio for that but i need stress-test function)

Re: Export data from MT5

It is easy:

1. Create an "Index" symbol in FSB Pro for your Data Source.
2. Save data files directly from the MT chart with Ctrl + S
3. Move the files from MQL5/Files folder of MT to the corresponding folder of your Data Source.

If you have problems, post a screenshot of the Symbol specification of MT and the Symbol page in FSB Pro. We will help you.

Re: Export data from MT5

After exporting from MT5 symbol "BRSplice" i have =>
Then i've created index sybmol in FSB =>

Re: Export data from MT5

There are many missing bars and bars with equal OHLC.
Does FSB Pro load the data correctly?