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Hello everyone,

I tried using the generator to create some strategies and selected the indicator button to confirm which indicators would be used by the generator.  Prior to doing this, I went to the repository and loaded all the existing custom indicators in the repository (ie. SuperTrend v2,etc).  Funny thing was that when I went to the generator indicators I could not find some of the custom indicators I loaded such as the CCI custom indicators.  I loaded them from the repository but they dont show up in the generator indicators.  Is there a limit the generator can use?

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Re: repository custom indicators in generator

You are watching the list of indicators for the "Opening Point of the Position" only.
You can change the list from the drop-down and you will see the indicators for the other slot types.

Re: repository custom indicators in generator

ahhhh.  Perfect yes that was the issue (user error )


Thank you!