Topic: Auto trade problem

Hello  Mr Popov,
I am using FSB for 15 days and in my opinion it is a great software. I have only one problem when using FSB to trade
using FSB MT Bridge EAs the MT4 terminal after few minutes closed by itself and when I open the terminal again it closed
again after few minutes. but if I trade by attaching the the EAs produced by FSB directly to the MT4 terminal it works
fine and the terminal never closed by itself. could you please tell me how to solve this problem. Thanks

Re: Auto trade problem

It seams that your MT terminal crashes by some reason. Can you run only one strategy and test it? If it crash again, please attach the strategy here.
If you want, install a demo from other broker and try with it.

Are you using some custom  indicators? Please try first with a simple strategy with only one standard indicator for test. Let's say "Momentum rises". If it crash again, it must be due to some problem in the MT installation.

Re: Auto trade problem

Thank you Mr Popov for your fast response.I have tried with several terminals of different brokers but all terminals crashed.

I am using several strategies with custom indicators from repository.I will make some investigations to know which strategies cause the crash then I will attach here. thanks