Topic: Improving Binary Options Tester

Hello Traders,

We are excited from the speed and accuracy of the Expert Advisors from the new version of EA Studio.  We will implement these indicators in Binary Option Tester very soon in order to achieve the same results.

We will rewrite completely the expert advisors in order to make it possible to use the native MetaTrader indicators.  If you have any ideas for improvement, now is the right time to request major changes.

We are using Binary Options experts on demo and real accounts since the first release of the app and we noticed a minor issue that can be fixed.

The EAs open positions at the first tick, which may not happen in the first seconds on the new bar. Some times the first tick comes on 5th or 6th seconds and also some times there is several points gap. The brokers close the options at the exact expiry time and if we open, for example, at the 5th second, the option will expire at the 5th second of the corresponding bar. It appears that we have to calculate the backtest at Open price instead of Close price as it works now.
We will make these changes in BO Tester and in the exported expert advisors.

Please share your opinion and fill free to add your requests in the Wish List topic.

Trade Safe!