Topic: Stop limit orders

Hello Mr. Popov,

Is it possible to use stop limit orders on FSB?

Or only market orders?

Re: Stop limit orders

When you use FSB you set the trading levels and rules and the program and don't think for the orders. FSB cares for the order type automatically.

For example if you trade at Bar Open, the program opens a position at the first tick wit ha Market Order. On the other case, if you trade at Bollinger Band, FSB uses internally Pending Orders. However, instead of placing pending orders to the platform and cancel them if the market doesn't reach the target, FSB simply wait for the event and then uses a Market Order. This is more safe and simple.

So, you see only market orders to MetaTrader, but it uses pending orders in the backtesting engine.

Here is a simple strategy with entry at Envelops:

Here is how FSB Pro sets a Sell Stop Pending order. However it is cancelled because it is below the bar low.