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It is very easy and a real fun to work with the new Collection page.

- run the Generator and go to the Collection page
- watch the counter on the nav bar. When it gains 5-6 numbers Refresh the collection.
- remove the strategies with a bad curve. Every time you use the "X" button of a tile, the Collection page updates and new strategies may appear.
- send a strategy to the editor by clicking on a tile.

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Great improvements! 

I think there might be a bug somewhere on the lot size calculation.  I keep setting it to .1 and when I switch tabs it resets to 1.  Even when I hit generate from the tab with it still visible it's using 100,000 units when I look at the transactions so it's using 1 regardless of what's in the field.

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Thank you, it feels more like FSB Pro now

do or do not there is no try

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I think there might be a bug somewhere on the lot size calculation.

The Generator's "Entry lots" are independent of the Editor's "Entry lots".
You have to set 0.1 lot in the Generator before the start. Then press Edit to send the strategy to the Editor. You can see the transaction's log in Report > Transaction Log.

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I also tried EA Studio, but actually it is still raw and can not use it effectively. May be i am doing something wrong. Running EA Studio, really working very fast, finding nice strategies with nice increasing curves. But when i export it and open in FSB with my brokers historical data, that nice looking strategy disappears and very bad graphic showing, so deleting it immediately. I tried it for many strategies i found in EA Studio, all resulted in same. I am using historical data in my FSB. I understand EA Studio uses different brokers data, but i thought graphic shouldnt change so dramatically from a nice looking strategy to a garbage one. May be i am doing something wrong. Also in EA Studio currency types are not much, only main currencies. better to add all others too. Additionally i think not all indicators available yet, and if somehow can be used our custom indicators also would be perfect. Finally biggest problem is to be able to use somehow our own brokers data, because without it actually EA Studio causing loosing time as we can not obtain same result with our own data in FSB. I perfectly understand EA Studio is not fully ready, still raw. So i am writing these as my comments only and i am sure will be very good as soon as possible. Appreciating efforts Popovs. If i am doing something wrong in usage of EA Studio please tell me friends, i want to get advantage of the speed of EA Studio, but i was not able to do it.

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Yes, the most probable reason is the data difference.
I'm planning MT data export scripts and an easy Data Import tool for all apps.
They will be available within a week.

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EA Studio remembers the Top 10 collected strategies and recovers the collection on reload.

I'll add this feature to the other apps soon.

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You can download and upload your complete collection.

The "Download" button saves the collection as a file in your Download folder. It uses the Strategy Collection.json" file name.

You can later upload the collection with the "Upload" button.