Topic: Understanding a strategy I have created

I have a strategy that looks good but I just need to understand the details of how this is working. I have attached the strategy and the text from the overview.

I am running this against the weekly chart and have the "The bar opens below the previous Bar Closing" included as an entry criteria but when I have test this on a demo account it may reverse the trade within the week.

Any help is appreciated. The strategy is producing good results so far but as I don't fully understand why its working I am reluctant to try it out on a real account.

Strategy Properties
Same direction signal Nothing
Opposite direction signal Reverse
Stop Loss None
Take Profit None
Break Even None
Bar Opening
Enter the market at the beginning of the bar
Base price Open
Previous Bar Closing
The bar opens below the previous Bar Closing
Base price Previous Bar Closing
Logical group A
Day of Month
Enter the market between the specified days
From (incl.) 20
Until (excl.) 16
Logical group A
Trailing Stop Limit
Exit at Trailing Stop Loss or at a constant Take Profit level
Trailing mode New bar
Initial Stop Loss 4000
Take Profit 4000

Re: Understanding a strategy I have created

I do not think you have attached the strategy

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Re: Understanding a strategy I have created

sorry. here it is.

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Re: Understanding a strategy I have created

How it's working - position is opened at the beginning of a bar, when:
1) current bar open is below the previous bar closing
2) the date is other than 16, 17, 18 or 19.

Exit logic is clear I hope, as the behaviour for opposite signal.