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I have create many strategy and the profit is different from FSB and MT5 for all.

I have import all history from MT5 to FSB

Do you now why ? Where's my mistakes ?

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Re: different result

There are several reasons possible:
1. The data files or market settings are different
2. You use indicators with Exponential or Weighted smoothing and the length of the data series makes the difference
3. There is some bug.

You have to make some efforts to find the exact reason for the difference. The first and the most important thing is to compare the indicators values between FSB Pro and MT.

Here is an example:

2. Compare the deals points:

When you do that, you will know what causes the discrepancy.

Re: different result

Ok thank's... i'll explore wink

Re: different result


I have reset all history and i think they are some problem with it. But i find a solution and now the history is ok. For my second problem i do a video wink