Topic: BREXIT - The first negative effect :)

It is a fact.

The last two days show the lowest number of FSB users for the month. It is 50% lower than the normal FSB Pro usage. The last time we noticed such lower numbers was the begging of December 2015.

Anyway, we have a saying: Any miracle for three days.

Many thanks to all traders who visit our website and use our products. We have 48% gain in the user base and the sales for the last year.

Trade Safe!

Re: BREXIT - The first negative effect :)

I'd add the effect of St John's Day as well. Mind you, it's 4 days of drinking wink

Re: BREXIT - The first negative effect :)

It'll be a very interesting trading day at the end of March when Theresa May triggers Article 50. Have your game plan ready for that one.