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I will soon step into using FSB proactively, waiting for my VPS to be up and running.
I have however some very basic questions regarding time/hours.

I use different EAs for different sessions.
I am based in Thailand (UTC+7 - no DST), my VPS is based in Dallas, one of my broker is using New York time, and the other one is using GMT.
I understand that each EA time MUST BE adapted to the respective broker server time (as shown on MT4 platform) for live trading.

However for backtesting when I use FSB:
1/ Which time is FSB using (my computer/VPS)? For back testing purpose, I must adapt the session times.
2/ When I upload Dukascopy tickdatas, which week end time data should I log in (computer/vps or UTC)?

I am a big fan of the program and of the amazing work Popov did!

Thanks a lot for that.

Re: Time hourly trading

Date is taken from the data, if it's NY time, NY time it is.

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cheers Footon, then dukascopy time!

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You can always open your MT4 an compare the time on the chart to your local time.

Often the VPS has a chart showing the conversions needed.

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