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Master Popov, If you are unable to reproduce my 'Trade' problems [with Version] on your Win10 computer, perhaps my FSB Pro, which appears to be working as before, has been somehow corrupted and more than not 'preserving' old settings needs to be done on updating old version - which DID NOT have these BUY/SHORT Trade problems.  What actions need to be taken to begin again with a clean slate??

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I was not able to reproduce a "trade problem" and cannot guess what can be the reason. I'm not also sure that the problems you have experience are connected with Win 10 or with the version number.

We have no changes in the system requirements from 3 years and for Long/Short logic from 10 years.
There are no reports for problems from other users (more than 1000 from the release of


FSB Pro stores all files it uses in its folder. It easy to start form zero when uninstall the program and check if the program's folder is deleted (You have to archive your strategies and collections first). Than you can install the program again and to download the custom indicators you need.

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Did my best to get a clean slate.  uninstalling FSB Pro and deleting all my EAs etc.  reinstalled V, got new data files, quickly constructed a minimally profitable [2usd/day-83%win-57% in position] EURUSD1M EA [Frac-AO-MFI-AC TrailStopLim], exported to FXCM, attached to EURUSD 1M chart.    No trades yet, but those Frac 0.00000 position allowed entry prices are gone and all those No-No-No-No MFI entries are no more.  Looks like this FSB Pro EAs is functioning as before.  Many thanks.  Of course, not a clue what disrupted everything.

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New PSB Pro 622GBPUSD1M attached to FXCM chart has made 4 Sell trades and Trade Balance shows 2.54 Profit.  But the info displayed at top center of chart doesn't reflect that.  It says "Position: Flat"  How do I activate correct display?  Nevermind.  The center top data display just magically appeared.

new 622 EAs produce good results on FXCM Strategy Tester!