Topic: autotrader and metatrader 4

I have things connected, everything in metatrader says connected,
all MQL4 - fsb bridges 1-99.

Again everything in metatrader says connected.

in FSB only 1/3 - 1/2 of the automatic trades show as connected, the others show as not connected,

So who is right ? metatrader or FSB

Re: autotrader and metatrader 4

Please ensure that your FSBPro data is properly set up, that you are using the same period for both.

Supply several documented screen shots and the strategy, please, as it is impossible to ascertain the problem with sparse details.

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Re: autotrader and metatrader 4

Such problem may be caused by repeating connection IDs.
Another reason can be a slow memory Pipe communication due to a CPU overloading. The programs in both side of the bridge wait for response for a limited time only. If one of the three components - MT, FSB or the Memory Pipes traffic lags, you will notice similar problems.