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I was looking at all the charts today, and opened all the charts in MT4
Some notes. you are limited to 99 charts per instance of MT4
and one of the best currencies to trade is USDSAR, IF you can detect the change in spread.

USDSAR currency swings 300 pips every few hours. MOST of the time the spread is 400 pips ish, but sometimes, like today the spread dropped to 200 pips !! giving you 100 pips pure profit !

IF we can detect the spread change to a lower spred automatically, this is the single currency that I need to trade !! I can take a risk of 80% of my funds anddouble my money every 2 days !!!. BUT i need to detect the spread change!!

Is there a way to detect this change in FSB ?

Re: Detecting spread USDSAR

Use this … -level-pro

Re: Detecting spread USDSAR

Myself, due to the spread and probably huge stop loss requirements, I would be reluctant to trade this thing with other than the smallest lot size.

Using such a large portion of account is a recipe for disaster, in my opinion.

I think you can accomplish similar results by using a small percent of account on several of the major pairs....

I would suggest that you trade the USDZAR manually if determined to use it to double your account in a day.

first entry 35 percent, after gain of 40 pips, add to position using 50 percent of equity, and after another 30 pips, use 65 percent of equity......... that will double your account in one day if you can get 125 pips in total.

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Detecting spread USDSAR

Agreed, BUT    it's USDSAR      not USDZAR , one is arabs the other is africans !