Topic: Trailing Stop Condition Not Working?

I have created a strategy and EA using FSB which has the Trailing Stop as the only closing logic condition and the Trailing Stop closing logic condition has the following settings:

Exit at the Trailing Stop Level
Trailing Mode:  New Bar
Trailing Stop:  1000

The EA is designed to run on the EurUsd H1 Chart, however the trailing stop does not appear to be working at all. 

Yesterday I had a short trade that was already 1300 points (130 pips in profit) and the Stop loss had essentially not moved from its original position and was still at the 900 points (90 pips) loss level.

When the Non Farm Payroll was released yesterday morning the EurUsd shot upward and took my trade out at a 90 pip loss.

If the trailing stop was working as I understand it to work the stop loss should have been at least break even or a bit in profit.

Am I misunderstanding this trailing stop function?  Is the 1000 in pips instead of points?   Is it trailing 1000 bars?

Just trying to get to the bottom of why it is not trailing my stop when the trade is moving well into profit?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Trailing Stop Condition Not Working?

It is 1000 points (100 pips).

Can you post logs?

Re: Trailing Stop Condition Not Working?

My expert logs only go back to May 26, 2016 and that trade I had referred to was open on May 18, 2016.

However the same EA "RisingCandle-TrailingStop (1)" took another long trade on June 3, 2016 after the Non Farm Payroll announcement.

I have attached my June 3, 2016 expert log.

The long EurUsd trade was taken by the trade at 1.13364.  By close of market yesterday the long trade was in profit by 36 pips (price at 1.13720), however the stop loss is still at 1.12498, meaning it looks as though it may have only moved up 14 pips.

I have attached the expert logs for June 3, 2016.  I have a few different EAs running on the same account so may be a bit confusing.  If you would like me to attach all the EA Log files one at a time going back May 26th let me know.

Thanks in advance much appreciated.

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Re: Trailing Stop Condition Not Working?

It looks like your stop has moved from 1.12257 to 1.12498, which is exactly 241 points.
It must be placed 1000 points below the previous High. Is the previous bar High around 1.13498?

Re: Trailing Stop Condition Not Working?

Thanks for your assistance.  Ok, it still doesn't really explain why the other trade SL using the same EA did not move to at least break even when it was 1300 points in profit before reversing on me and stopping out with a 900 point loss.

If I emailed you the expert logs for May 26 - June 2 would those offer any clues?

Thanks in advance Popov.