Topic: Swing Highs/Lows with volume check indicator


I need custom indicator, which would check not broken lows and highs of custom period. Also it needs to check this highs/lows candle volume, is it higher than average volume of custom period (starting from multiplier of 0.1, because maybe I will not use this every time, but for most cases probably I will check is it at least *1.5 bigger than average volume of some period).

These H/L should have horizontal shifting, it's important if you want enter before/after these H/L.
I am planning to use this indi in these ways, Buy entry logic:

* (false break) Enter Long after last candle low was below swing Low, but last candle open and close was higher than indicators Low.
* (break out) Enter Long at Swing High (probably will use horizontal shifting)
* (hold up) Enter Long at Swing Low (probably will use horizontal shifting)

Few pics about false break, maybe it will make clearly if I was not. Check red arrows and red text smile

I am not good programmer, but in mt4 I got these Swing Highs/Lows from collecting lasts 20 zigzag indicator values about lows/highs, then checked if they was not broken and putted them in array. Probably it was very lagging way to do... Also I saw that ninja trader have this Swing Low/High indicator, and some day I tried mt4 version too. But after mt4 updates it's lost. Hope it's help! My email, please PM for price and more info if needed smile

Re: Swing Highs/Lows with volume check indicator

One more question. It's enough only FSB indicator version to trade EAs produced by FSB in mt4? Thanks!