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Topic: Week closing in Weekly chart?

Dear Popov,
how to close the smartest one position in the weekly chart; Closing time Friday 21:59?
The execution via EA.

Bar Closing (bar closing advance 7260 seconds - corr 24 PM minus 2 hours and 1 min. -.)
Week Closing2 time 21:59,*
Day closing 2; 1. Time: 23:45 (far after close of trading, so this setting is inactive), 2nd time: Friday 21:59. Close of trading in this instrument is 22:00 CEST
I have no clear idea regarding the trade-free holidays and it can unfortunately not check in MT4 tester.

*Week Closing and Week closing2 offer me confusing results (Margin Call).

Best regards

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Re: Week closing in Weekly chart?

Problem solved.
Week close on a Weekly chart:

Bar Closing / Bar advance 93615 = Friday 21:59 and 45 seconds

measured by:

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Re: Week closing in Weekly chart?


I just tested a strategy on Weekly chart and reproduced the problem. I'll investigate it further.

Re: Week closing in Weekly chart?

The Week Closing and Week Closing 2 cannot work on Weekly charts by design. The problem is that the indicators check the day of the bar and if it is Friday, the indicators send close signals. On weekly charts the bar's day is always Sunday smile , just because the week starts at the Sunday afternoon.

Your solution with Bar Closing and closing time advance solves the problem. Good job!

Re: Week closing in Weekly chart?

I tried to fix the indicators, but unfortunately MT doesn't support backtesting on  weekly charts.