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Popov wrote:

Hello Divarak,

The program is fully functional during the trial period without any limitations. It is absolutely same as the licensed version.

Hello Popov ,

I'm testing a trial version for 30 days.

I drew an EA exclusively for long positions that worked properly. Then I reversed the signals (MA with opposite crossover, etc) intended for short positions only, but however does not work as intended - does everything wrong, almost 100 % loosing positions, account went for margin call very quickly.

I do not understand what I did wrong .

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Re: Reversed signals go wrong

Hello Vitor,
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I cannot understand the exact problem because there is no strategies attached, but I'll try to answer.

1) No matter what rules you set in the program, they are only for the long positions. The program composes and applies  automatically "mirrored" rules for the short position. You can go to the Overview page and you will see the rules stated. for example this setup:

Is applied in both direction in that way:

You see that I have entered the rule for the long entry and at the same time the program considers a short entry rule, opposite to the long one.

2) You can make a separate long and short rules only by using the "Long or Short" indicator and logical groups.

3) It is normal if you reverse the rules of a strategy to receive a completely different result. There are several topics in the forum about reversing the strategies and trying to make a loosing one to a profitable. There is no chance it to happen. It may happen only in special cases and with spread and swaps equal to zero.

If you do not find my answer satisfactory, please post more info about your case.

Re: Reversed signals go wrong


As I said in my previous post, we always set rules for long positions.  No matter that you have an indicator that allows only short trades, the "Fast MA crosses Slow MA downward" instructs the program how to trade long. It automatically reverses the above rule for short entry like that:   "Fast MA crosses Slow MA upwards".
This is what we see on the chart and I'm sure you can see it in the Overview page also.

If you want to trade short when Fast MA crosses Slow MA downward, you have to set: "Fast MA crosses Slow MA upwards". (you did it when you set the long rules, didn't you?)

I advise you to reload you "long only" strategy and you can "reverse" it with a change in the direction in "Long or Short" only.


I see you use groups "B" for the entry rules. It doesn't make difference because it is not important what exactly letter you use, but if the rules are in one group or in different groups.

Re: Reversed signals go wrong

Thanks Popov,

I still have too much work ahead, as one weekend is very little time to learn to work with this platform.

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