Topic: Moving average Logic

Dear Popov
as we know the indicators by default designed to give opposite signals for buy and sell , For example if MA (close) rise = buy then , MA (close) falls = sell and this is fine to use the " direction rise and fall " with all base prices ( open , close , typical,... ) but when come to high and low i think we need to look again !!! , i think to be accurate we need to use both the direction and base price

Example : if MA(high) rise then the opposite signal should be MA(Low) falls ,Because even if MA(high & Low) are lines but they show the extreme  and they '' in my opinion" considered more envelops than a simple lines

Re: Moving average Logic

I'm aware of this idea, but since High and Low are rarely used, I think it is not practical to change the indicators design for that.
I can propose you two solutions:

1. You can modify a specific indicator to calculate long and short signals correspondingly on High and Low prices.
2. You can use logical groups to separate the long and short trades like below: