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I have a question
I have made a simple Ea  with the LSMA_channel as an entry-point and the Super Trend as an Exit-point.I have a "reduce " in this  Ea .When i test this Ea in Mt4 i have no  reducedpositions and the values of the two indicators do not match ? Why , the results of Fsb not match those of Mt4 . The data for the calculation are the same .
Example : LSMA_channel
upper band 1.13301 in Fsb
upper BAnd 1.12674 in Mt4
Ma 0.00045 in Fsb
Ma 0.00031 in Mt4
Why these differences ??

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I'll look into this.

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LSMA is fine, other one is dodgy, will dig deeper.

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Emile, I understand you have difference in values, but I cannot replicate it for LSMA. I'm now focusing on ST and after I get to the bottom of ST, I'll return to LSMA. And don't worry about the language, I'm sure we'll get the point across smile

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Emile, lets carry on the discussion here, then it's all in one place and is a reference for me and other users in the future.

Q: I create a Ea in Fsb, this is converted into an MT4 format if this Ea is transmitted in Mt4. If this Ea now calculated in Mt4 ?
A: Yes, if you load up the EA in the mq4 format in MT, every calculation is done in MT.

Q: If so, why do I need a connection to Fsb?
A: You don't need a connection when using exported EAs. If you use FSB's Trader, then you have to connect Trader to MT.

Q: If the Ea running on my MT4 account is calculated in Fsb, would have the same results as in the preparation of Eas in Fsb come out right ?? , But in my case is not the case, and not only for this Ea. What is wrong ??
A: Profitable backtest doesn't guarantee similar future returns. In the development phase you have to verify if the results are meaningful or just random luck or curvefitting.

Q: If the Ea is transmitted only by Fsb and is calculated only in Mt4, I can not rely on Fsb because Mt4 might make a different calculation.
A: This should not be the case. I have worked through the Supertrend indi and found the culprit. I'll make the necessary changes to fix this issue.

One last note - don't worry about asking "stupid" questions, that's what this forum is about. After all, every wise man knows himself to be a fool, like the old saying goes.

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LSMA indi shows same values for me, I think you might have data difference.

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Emile, try this version of Supertrend.

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Thank you Footon for these helpful Reply