Topic: Use all available shorter periods and tick data

Mr. Popov,

Could you kindly explain following text I can find in Control Panel regarding one of the two parameters for Backtester:

Use all available shorter periods and tick data to improve the backtest

My understanding of FSB tells me that tick data is not available or used by FSB. I have been explaining and propagating this view in my posts on forum. What we are today downloading from FSB or from other sources are never tick data but only bar data.

Is this sentence wrongly formulated or I have to change my understanding (and excuse for all my wrongly formulated posts)?


Re: Use all available shorter periods and tick data

In normal conditions FSB calculates the strategy by using the data files for the selected symbol and period. If this option is on, and there are "ambiguous bars", FSB uses data files from shorter periods (if available) in order to improve the interpolation. See more info here: Intrabar Statistics. MetaTrader has similar algorithm also. The use of lower time frames is useful only if we have ambiguous bars that happen with strategies with near Long and Short entries or near SL and TP.

FSB can also import tick data from jForex for further improvement (also only if there are ambiguous bars).
See more info here: jForex Import and here: Importing JForex Data