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Topic: FSB,Tick size,How calculation is done?

This is SP500 CFD


This is what trader shows on market data

This is what i set on FSB

Theese are from journal and bar explorer

Since this is a CFD contract  and has 0.25 point discrete price movements, why fsb is entering an order on non-existence price steps? There is no price step as 1985,36. Even with tick data, price should be on one of steps 1985,00 - 1985,25 - 1985,50 etc...

I tried to change interpolation method, nothing changed. There are also no ambiguous Bars.

Am i getting things wrong and totally messed up, not getting even simple facts of FSB? or having problems with settings?

Since it's CFD with 0,25 pt tick size, FSB's backtester's position price should have discrete price steps. 1985,50 and not 1985,61... ?

Re: FSB,Tick size,How calculation is done?

For FSB price as 1985,36 is perfectly fine because you have digits = 2. One point is 0.01.

Unfortunately there is no way to set discrete price steps in the current version. I see the program has a proper entry in the Auto-trader. Do you have any warnings in the MT log?

Re: FSB,Tick size,How calculation is done?

No errors/warnings.

So the reason is -> program tries to interpolate bar, gets an entry point (even if it's not possible) then send it as an order.

So the best way to aviod it for now is either not use that kind of instruments, or switch to a broker which dont have discrete price steps i guess.

Thank you.

Re: FSB,Tick size,How calculation is done?

It is a broker's decision to provide discrete prices.

I'm vary curious how it calculates MA, for example. I'm 100% sure it does'n round the MA values to .25.

The 0.25 tick size is not a problem for FSB neither for testing nor for trading. We can assume a rounding error due to the discrete prices but there is no way to eliminate it. We cannot force the indicators calculations to be discrete (all indicators that are plotted on the main chart represent a price).

You can create a strategy with FSB and then you can confirm the results with a MT backtest.

Another option is to use 13 points slippage in order to compensate the discrete values. The average slippage due to the discrete prices should be 12.5 points and the maximal should be 25 points.