Topic: EA-Backtesting

Hi Guys
I have the following problem.
I have made in Eurusd M15 an EA, according to FSB does this in a period from 1.1.2016 until today, 541 new orders and would have a profit in this period of € 4,453 .Initialdepot on 01.01.2016 = € 5,000.
I have tested this in Ea Strategy Tester of my broker (MT4) and here generates this EA 1092 new orders and I have a loss of 875 €.
How can I understand this ???

Re: EA-Backtesting

Did you create / test the strategy by using data from your MT terminal?

If not, please see this topic: … ults-mean/

When the data and settings are same both results must be equal.

Re: EA-Backtesting

Hello Mr.Popov
The Ea was calculated in FSB with the data from my broker and these were updated on the last Sunday, after which the EA was created.