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Topic: Martingale question on added positions

Hi guys, hi Popov i'm not sure if i well understand the FSB martingale.

Indeed from what i've understood the martingale works only if we lose a (CLOSED) trade, on the next trade. But if i want the martingale to work on addons positions?

I.e.i want open a buy position for a candle opened above a MA, let's say, and add new positions (if losing) with increasing lot (doubled) on each, with the main first position already opened:

buy at 1.10200 with 0.01 lot (main position)
re-buy at 1.10190 with 0.02
re-buy at 1.10180 with 0.04

A total of 3 position opened with 0.07 lots.
Closed all 3 in profit at 1.10300

is it possible??

Thank you

Re: Martingale question on added positions

Hello Alessandro,

Yes, Martingale recalculates the entry amount only at a closed position. It is not possible to do it dynamically as in your example.

Re: Martingale question on added positions

Thanks for clarification!