Topic: Insanity

One day, in a mental hospital in Thailand, one of the doctors visited a patient named Jung.
Doctor    : ?Hello, Jung. What are you doing??
Jung    : ?I am writing a letter.?
Doctor    : ?Who are you writing to??
Jung    : ?I am writing to myself.?
Doctor    : ?????? What is it about??
Jung    : ?How am I supposed to know? The letter will only reach me by tomorrow.?
Doctor    : ?(Insanity)?

Take a break. Don?t be so serious.
The moral of the story: Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Do the best for today and learn from your mistakes.
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Re: Insanity

The link you that really true, I mean, how can they sell a book with a 100% successful strategy. I have my doubts about it. Have you bought it yet???

Re: Insanity

Off course it should be the way to make publicity and marketing for the products, in this case the book, I don’t think it is the perfect strategy, but can be functional I don’t know because I´ve not read the book. Although if somebody really has a successful strategy there is not a problem to share it, both will win.